Created and made popular by Wes Bos, here is my implementation of a /uses page. Make to check it every once in a while, because my setup changes from time to time. If you have questions or suggestions, I would love to hear them at


Everything in the following runs on this Mac with these peripherals when I'm at my desk.


I'm driving a 2019 MacBook Pro 16" with the 6-core i7 processor, 16 GB or DDR Memory and the 512 GB SSD


LG 27UD68P-B 4K Monitor
Keychron K2 (MX Brown)
Roccat Kone EMP
Roccat Taito
Sony WH-1000X M3


Here is a collection of software I use on the daily with a short description of each. The titles will redirect you to the respective website.

Visual Studio Code

My favorite code editor that is free and also offers a whole lot of plugins for pretty much all use cases.

Google Chrome

A solid choice for browsing the web, as well as build web applications with great developers tools.


Replacement for macOS' default terminal app that has better performance and quality-of-life features.


A "Framework" for your shell with useful plugins and allows customization of your prompt.


Free, web-based & easy-to-use design tool with multiplayer mode and a large plugin portfolio.

CleanShot X

Hands-down the best tool for taking screenshots and filming screen recordings, even with a facecam.

CleanMyMac X

Keeping your Mac clean is essential and CleanMyMac X makes it incredibly easy and quick.


A password manager that makes managing passwords a breeze and has great integrations on all platforms.


Managing notes, planning a project or collaboration with people is what Notion was made for.

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