This Is My Workplace.

For you it might be just a browser. But I build the things you enjoy using the most.

About me

I'm a 24-year-old software engineer from Berlin. I started making websites in a client context in 2015. In 2018 I moved to Berlin for my studies. Ever since I have been working freelance for clients and getting to know different companies, people and tech-stacks.

I deeply care about intuitive and good design, performant applications and going the extra mile to deliver a great product.

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Fintory logo

I built the new agency website for Fintory, showcasing the company, their featured clients projects and a blog. Almost all content is customizable through Sanity and the blog is powered by WordPress.

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inBeta logo

Together, inBeta and I launched their newly redesigned website on HubSpot. Building upon their existing workflows in HubSpot, I made sure not to interrupt. All the content is editable through HubSpot's drag 'n drop editor.

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HubSpot CMS


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Professional tools

For my work I focus on a great user experience, outstanding performance and maintainability. Therefore I rely on tools that elevate those principles. My toolbelt is modern and as versatile.

Next.js Logo

A cutting-edge framework around React, making it easy to build robust applications that are incredibly fast and on par with modern standards. This page is built with it too.

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TailwindCSS Logo

TailwindCSS is a CSS framework that enables me to move exceptionally fast. It removes the need to write CSS manually and to switch contexts between markup and styles.

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Figma Logo

Figma is a collaborative design tool that allows for very dynamic workflows. Designers can easily hand over designs and assets to developers, as well as easily gain feedback from clients.

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Sanity Logo

Sanity is my go-to CMS. It seamlessly plugs into Next.js to make content on a webpage easily editable. Managing content within a team also becomes very approachable with Sanity.

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Have specific needs?

Of course these are not all the tools and frameworks that I know of. I would love to get to know your needs better.


Soon you will find my posts here.

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